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about_us_imageThe Wright Center of Advanced Bodywork & Massage in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Is a highly Reputable and successful clinic that has been helping heal injuries, get out of pain and achieve optimum performance for more than 20 years. From the physically handicapped to the world class athlete, people from all walks of life have benefitted greatly from working with Chad Jasmine and his professional staff at the Wright Center.

We all want to maintain a healthy active life style, but sometimes nagging pain and injury can get in the way. When this happens the people and athletes in the know are turning to the magic of Clinical/Medical/Structural Massage Therapy as an alternative to drugs and surgery. This highly effective technique treats and heals the actual source of the problem rather than just masking the symptoms like drugs and pills do.

When pain occurs in the body it is most likely a recent injury or an old injury that never healed properly. Over time these old injuries, combined with our daily repetitive nature can become a chronic condition. This is when the magic of Clinical/Structural Massage becomes so effective. It does so by treating the injured and shortened muscles by flushing out the lactic acid (which likes to store in these areas) and making room for the body’s own natural healing process to take place. What also makes this therapy so effective is that with time the lengthening of these chronically shortened areas reeducates the muscle memory creating balance in the body, ultimately allowing the skeleton appose gravity properly. With this new found balance the body can now become pain free and the chance of future pain is reduced dramatically.

"After 14 years on the ATP World Tour and countless bumps, bruises, injuries, etc, it is a huge relief and luxury to have Chad Jasmine as a massage therapist.  Of course, Chad isn’t just a massage therapist; he is someone that works constructively to help the body regain its balance and strength."

Todd C. Martin - President | Todd Martin Tennis, LLC

“Chad Jasmine is a massage therapist’s massage therapist. He has a genuine love and passion for his work and each client...he works each muscle group orthe areas that affect my performance; he goes into 100% detail about my pain; and he also describes the actual muscle by name for me. This attention to detail is what brings forth success...and that’s Chad. I’d recommend him to my grandmother, the ultimate love of my life. Chad is definitely a winner!”

Fred Taylor | NFL ALL Pro Running Back

"Over the course of my career, I have often turned toThe Wright Center and its professional staff. Whether I’m healing from injury, or trying to achieve structural balance. The Wright Center has helped me maintain my performance at the highest level."

Fred Funk | PGA Tour Professional
Chad Jasmine

Chad Jasmine


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