All of our therapists are experts in a wide variety of modalities and massage techniques . All are nationally certified in neuromuscular massage and have at least 10 years of experience in the field.


Chad is the owner and operator of the Wright Center and has 20 years of experience. His expertise is extensive in virtually all modalities of massage. Chad worked for 6 years as the massage therapist for the Jacksonville Jaguars and continues to work with professional athletes. Including pro golfers, tennis players and endurance athletes.

Chad truly loves helping people get out of pain and helping them heal injuries. His vast training includes Neuromuscular, Structural Integration, Craniosacral, Myofascial Release and Visceral manipulation just to name a few. He still works Monday thru Friday simply because he loves it.

Chad is also a Qi Gong instructor and teaches people to breath with a variety of breathing exercises. Truly breathing is an amazing experience and surprisingly has only been experienced by .0001% of people on earth. Completely saturating the brain and body with oxygen is a feeling that must be experienced to believe. Many of Chad’s clients book an hour just for breathing. Adding an extra half hour of breathing to the end of a massage is also very popular.

Sheila Jasmine

Sheila is highly trained in many modalities and has a variety of skills that she draws from. This makes her massage incredibly focused and effective. Not only is she an excellent Neuromuscular therapist, she offers a complete holistic approach that is truly unique.

Sheila is also a certified Food Healer (through the Supreme Science Foundation) and health consultant. So along with her advanced ability to heal though massage, she also helps people heal from the inside out as a health and nutrition consultant. Her specialty is a 1.5 hour therapy but will do an hour upon request.